Our New Kitchen!


We have a new Kitchen!!!!!!

I'm pretty excited about it, if you couldn't tell.

Here is our old kitchen. This is the only good picture I have. It's from before we moved in so it still has all of the previous owner's stuff. I just want you to notice the yellow trim (which matches the cabinets) and the beautiful old wallpaper (cough, cough).  Don't forget about that great laminate floor which wasn't a true color so much as a worn and dirty.

Kinda dated and not all that attractive. I'm sure it was nice at one time, but...not so much anymore.

Here is our new kitchen! 

We decided to paint the walls yellow because the color scheme was the only thing I liked about the old kitchen. I'm glad the space still has the same bright feel as before just much modern and a lot cleaner! We still have to replace the counter tops (and the curtains so don't judge), but that might take another month and I'm too excited to wait that long. I had to show somebody!

While I'm showing off pictures of my new kitchen, I'd thought I'd share a fun idea with you. We were given these small floating shelves as a wedding present, and I in all my decorator brilliance (sarcasm intended) decided to put them to good use holding spices in the kitchen. I used to keep all my spices in a basket in the cabinet, but this way they are close to the stove, easier to see, and much cuter. And I can proudly say, I had this idea before I even knew Pintrest existed. Yep, this is my one great idea, and now I'm sharing it with you. Use it wisely :)

Also, if you've ever wondered what my husband's biggest pet peeve is then let me show you. 

Yes, that a picture of my kitchen in it's current condition. In the course of making supper I opened the microwave, three cabinets, and the silverware drawer and closed none of them! I figure why close them when I might have to open them again. What a waste of time!

Finally, no blog post is really complete without a picture of my little Rooster. Isn't he adorable? He's recently decided that playing with things like spoons, bowls, cds, and paper are way more entertaining than any of those fancy toys he got for Christmas. Who knew!

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