Jumping Around and Repeating Myself


Welcome February! Okay, so I might be three days late...Of course, since having a baby I always seem to run late, so what else is new?

This a Resolution 365 update. Yes, I am still memorizing scripture. And yes, I might be starting to regret I promised to memorize so many!

It's not that I don't love memorizing scripture (I do! I really do!), it's just that knowing I have to average one a day puts me in a little bit of a panic mode some days, like today, when I realize that we've not had a new verse in 3 days.  

I am going to caulk up my little break to the fact that our little Rooster has started waking up at night every 3 hours.. We are tired. He is tired. It's. Getting. Annoying. 

But this isn't a post to complain about my child. This is a post to help me refocus my mind on things above.  Last month I made it through most of the first Awana T&T book. I say most because I might have skipped few verses because they are so stinkin repetitive (Go look up Psalm 25:4 and Psalm 86:11 and tell me why a sane person needs to memorize both! They say the same thing!). I also skipped a few verse I just didn't like, and yes, I've decided that when it come to memorizing scripture I am allowed to not like certain verses. It doesn't make them less true or any less inspired. It just mean I'm not going to memorize them. However, my biggest complaint last month was that the verses in the Awana book jump around from topic to topic way too much. This makes reviewing all the verses a little difficult because they don't logically follow one another. 

This month I'm going to do things a little differently. I'm going to take one topic a week and memorize verses about that topic. Hopefully, this will give more continuity to my work, and I won't be just jumping around and repeating myself (which can make a person feel a little foolish and slightly dizzy). 

So what are the topics you ask?

1. Marriage- Because Valentine's Day is making me feel all romantic and stuff :)
2. Prayer- Because I have a lot of people in my life that need prayer right now, and I need daily reminders to pray for them!
3. Giving- Because I found this great idea on Pintrest about giving that I can't wait to share with you!
4. Complaining- Because I seem to be doing a lot of that today...

Now, I'm telling you this a) because if I don't tell someone I might not do it (aka accountability) and b) because I want to start blogging more of my memory verses. I've been convicted recently that simply memorizing scripture is not enough; I need to study it and apply it. For me that means getting my thoughts out of my head and putting some practical application to them.  Hopefully, by making an effort to blog about my verses, I'll start to find more concrete ways to apply them in my everyday life.  Hopefully...

Until then I need to find 3 really short verses to make up for the last 3 days of laziness. Happy Scripture Hunting!  

P.S. Hopefully you noticed the changes around here. I figured it was finally time to take down the Christmas decorations! I also changed the name of my blog, again. I can't promise I'll keep things the way they are though. Changing things up is almost as fun as rearranging the furniture, but better because it doesn't aggravate my husband!

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