The Post I Wrote in the Bathroom


Yes, I wrote this post in the bathroom. It's not what you think though. Since high school (maybe before) I've had this strange obsession with bathrooms and hair dryers. I love the white noise provided by the hair dryer and find the stream of warm air on my neck very soothing. When I was younger, I used to sit and read a book while I dried my hair (well, mostly I would read and my hair would dry as a consequence of being in a ridiculously warm bathroom). It wasn't until college that I realized that the bathroom was a great focusing place for me. My freshman year my best friend bought me a hair dryer stand (yes, they make those). I would set my hair dryer up to blow on my neck and shoulders and would type papers while sitting in a basket chair set up in our bathroom (in college the sink area and the toilet area were separate so this isn't nearly as gross as it sounds). It was amazing! I discovered that the bathroom was an ideal place for me to work a) because it is warm with a hair dryer blowing, b) because it is small and cozy, and c) contains very few distractions. This bathroom/paper writing obsession got to be so serious I even bought a second hair dryer so I could alternate hair dryers every 30 mins. I had a slightly irrational fear that they might overheat and catch on fire. I may be weird, but I like to take precautions.

When I got married, I assumed my strange hair dryer obsession was over. I took a well earned break from writing papers and had very little need for a place to help me focus. However, when I started working full-time, I quickly learned that one of the best ways to relax after a long day was a nice hot bath and a really good book. My husband forbid me from using the hair dryer while in the bathtub and instead invested in a small space heater (he swears he had my best interest at heart). Get this, electric space heaters are basically small square hair dryers! Who knew? I fell in love!

So tonight, when I realized that I had 2 hours to spend all to myself and several blogs posts I wanted to write, I decided to make use of the time in the best way I know how: sitting on a cushy chair with my feet propped up in the air, space heater blowing and creative juices flowing: one great night in the bathroom.

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  1. I am so incredibly glad that we are friends, Katherine. :)



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