Satan is a liar.


Satan is a liar.

As Christians we know this. Satan is a deceiver. He deceived Adam and Eve in the garden; he tried to deceive Jesus in the wilderness; and he attempts to deceive to us today. The tricky thing about Satan is that he makes deception seem logical; he makes deception feel right. His lies are alluring because they appeal to our sense of justice or pleasure.  These aren’t always bold face, out-right lies either. Many of Satan’s most damaging falsehoods are subtle. They influence the way we think, and they often show up in our assumptions about the way life should work and the way we should be. These assumptions can influence our interpretation of scripture, and if we are not careful can lead us to misunderstandings and heretical teachings.

So once we realize that the world is full of lies, the question becomes how do we sort out the truth from those lies that only appear good and logical?  I believe it all starts with the Author of Truth. God is faithful, and I truly believe that God gives wisdom to those who ask for it. 

And we do need to ask because when we try to understand God on our own, we are simply trying to see that which is beautiful and perfect through a cracked and broken lens.  We need his wisdom. We need his light to illuminate the sin and the lies that are all around us. When we finally see how great God is, we'll truly understand how terrible, ugly, and hurtful sin is, even sin that are so alluring to our flesh.

Just be ready. Because when you ask God for wisdom, you are likely to get a good dose of reality, and hopefully you'll see that God's grace is greater than you ever imagined.

So I pray that with eyes wide open to the lies that surround us and the sin that is ever crouching at our doors, we'll realize that God's grace is truly amazing.  He hears and answers our prayers. He blesses us and gives us His good and perfect gifts. He loves us, and gave Himself for us. And one day we'll have the hope of perfection, not by our own merits, but by the precious blood of Jesus.

Take that Satan!

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